Sunday, December 5, 2010


Modification of the world these days are mushrooming both involving modification of cars and motorcycles, usually in the realm of more motor modifications mainly dominated by women but with a growing era of no less fair sex is also involved in the modification world. One of them a woman's home just one week of this, his love of world motor modifications have become part of the hobby for a long time. Is Viviyanti Kawasaki Ninja 250 motorcycle owners, this time seen to experience a turnaround, or more commonly known MotoGP style with nuances of GP Style.

"The reason I modify this bike because I had a hobby of motorcycles used for the modification" said Vivi Viviyanti close calls. Motor lansiran year 2009 was taken directly from shelter house modifications mengandeng sipemilik with BMS (New Motor Sport) in Jakarta. A major change has occurred this dimotor so the original form of Ninja 250 did not appear again. Notice sector body, all these standards body has changed Ninja remaining only to cover the front. To be consistent with the concept promoted dicustom flared body parts, besides having the appearance of body color paint that was dominated by green color.

Enhance your appearance and perfection like moto GP pinned some accessories like Footstep of RDR supporters, Stang using Kawasaki ZX10, handle brake and clutch wear Nissin, digital speedometers Koso RX 2 and much more. Sector legs into the next search, behind the front wheels have replaced face to be a bit wide in diameter were taken from the Triumph 1050 3.50X70 6.00X17 front and behind. Wrap-quality wheels come from the kind of Dunlop tires measuring 120/70-17 at the front while the rear wheels are inhabited by Advance dimension 200/50-17 tires.

Keeping the turn of toughness when pegereman done some brake components for the front discs taken from Double Triumph flanked by calipers 1050 Kawasaki ZX 10's complete with a master while the Brembo brakes from the rear mounted disc positioned Triumph 1050 which were mated with brake calipers and master of a kind brands . To support rate, iron horse owned by Vivi is still relying on the standard engine manufacturer Kawasaki's just that some parts of engine performance through reform advocates such as the ignition system using the BRT I-Max and a custom exhaust. Thanks to home modifications processed BMS, Viv's 250 Ninja motorcycle won first prize in the category Gp Style event at the 2010 Djarum Black Motodify Purwokerto some time ago.
Motorcycle: Kawasaki Ninja 250.
Engine: Standart.
Body Frame: Custom.
Rear Lights: Custom R6.
Footstep: RDR.
Stang: Kawasaki ZX 10.
Air Filters: K & N.
Brake Handel: Nissin.
Handel Clutch: Nissin.
Chain: RK.
Digital speedometer Koso RX-2.
Paint / Airbrush: Spieshecker, Graphic.
Exhaust: Custom.
Gasoline tank: Custom.
Fork: Kawasaki ZX 10.
Disc Front: Double Triumph in 1050.
Front calipers: Kawasaki ZX 10.
Master Brakes Front: Brembo
Front brake hose: TDR
Swing Arm / shock: Triumph 1050 Pro ARC.
Rear discs: Triumph 1050.
Rear calipers: Triumph 1050.
Rear Brake Master: Triumph 1050.
Rear brake hose: TDR.
Front wheels: 1050 Triumph 3.50X70.
Rear wheels: 1050 Triumph 6.00X17.
Tires Front: 120/70-17 Dunlop.
Tires Rear: 200/50-17 Advance.

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