Monday, December 20, 2010

bmw superbike

Bayerische Motoren Werke AG, or more common BMW started its motorcycle career in 1923 by producing its first motorcycle – R32. These were BMW's pioneer steps into the world of motorcycle industry and the innovation they deployed was something BMW is practicing ever since. R32 was, and still is, powered by 486 cc engine that produced 8.5 HP, and it was able tu push old R32 to speeds over 60 mph. Their first innovation was oil system that recirculates oil rather than losing it.
Supercharged R32 with 500cc motor set the world speed record at almost 174 mph which remain untouched for the next 14 years.

The next big success in motorcycle career BMW had when delivered their R75 to the German army. It outperformed all other motorcycles during African campaign. R75's flat boxter motor was more resistant to african heat, and shaft drive was not affected by harsh conditions of desert taht was killing belt and chain driven motors. Another success came when BMW was introduced to America. In 1959 R69 managed to come from NY to LA in a little more than 53 hours which is more than a day shorter than a previous record set by a Harley-Davidson.

In 1970 BMW introduced electrical starting system on all members of /5 series, but kick starter was not discontinued for another 4 years. As we come closer to the modern days the story of BMW motorcycles becomes more familiar, and it covers upgrades like ABS for motorcycles, double disc front brakes, new four cylinder engines and a lot more. In 1994 F650 and later F800 series were chain or belt driven motorcycles. Only shortly after WWII BMW motorcycle production experienced its dark ages, and since this period come to an end BMW is improving, making their motorcycles more agile, more powerful and more elegant with every new generation.

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